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The Ultimate Groom & Groomsmen Guide

Planning a wedding can be a lot of work. Maybe that’s why so many grooms hand over the reins to their partner. But that’s not your wedding, and you’re not that groom.

Of course, you won’t do it alone. We’ll be here every step of the way and that’s why we’ve put this guide together. Our job is to make you and your groom's party look your absolute best and ensure the whole process is as effortless as possible. So sit back, relax and enjoy the ride. It’s your party too.


Deciding what you and your groomsmen will wear can be overwhelming. To ease your mind, here are our golden rules for getting started:


What you wear will likely be a joint decision with your better half. While you and your groomsmen’s suits will need to work with the rest of the wedding, it’s important to stay true to your style too. By choosing custom, you can go in any direction in regards to fit, color, and finish, while still matching your partner’s dress and the style of the wedding.


This is a great time to bond with the boys. So enjoy the process and the celebrations with your best men. Take your moment to shine, but remember to match with your groom’s party and make sure they’re tailored too. It’ll bring together the wedding photos and ensure you all look your best.


A custom wedding suit is made to order and made to last, so it’s a friendlier choice for the planet. If you want to be extra sustainable, choose something you can wear after your wedding day too. Our style advisors are here to advise you on the most versatile options available.


You found the perfect person, now it’s time to find the perfect suit. The celebrations really begin as soon you step in store to start the search. Choosing what to wear and personalizing your look with your groomsmen should be fun. A suit fitted to your physique, in a design chosen by you will make you look your best, while the thoughtful details, like adding a monogram will make it special. If you haven’t done this before, it might sound daunting but don’t worry – that’s what Style Advisors are for. Here’s all you need to know about buying custom:


We have over 500 fabrics to choose from to make the perfect suit for you and your groomsmen. From classic black to summery beige linens and a wide range of blue hues. Everything is possible in terms of color and fabric. If you know your wedding palette, bring it along.


Fit is very important to us, so we guarantee your suit will fit and fall perfectly. Even though your suit will be custom, there will be samples to try on in store. Then we’ll measure you up and tailor to your wishes. If there’s a particular kind of fit you love, just let us know. A well-tailored suit speaks for itself, it will fit like a glove and help you feel comfortable and confident all day.


We understand a wedding can get pretty expensive. When you arrive, just let us know your budget and we’ll work to that. We offer suits from €498. The average price of a 2-piece custom wedding suit is €748 and for a 3 piece around €998. Price is determined by the fabric, construction (half-canvas, full-canvas etc.) and if you choose customizations, like a lining. Luxury buttons like mother of pearl are included as standard.


Our delivery time for suits is 4 weeks, so we recommend coming by at least 8 weeks before the wedding day. That way you have enough time to explore the options, make a decision, and have the suit made. Once the suit arrives, we’ll have a fitting session to check the fit and make any final adjustments.

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White tie, black tie, black-tie optional – the world of dress codes can be confusing. Whether you’re choosing the code for your wedding or just trying to decide what to wear to someone else’s, it’s important to know what each one really means.


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