Look FW18.082.A
Off-white fine cord jacket, bow tie, & loafer
About the look

For a fresh formal winter look, combine this off-white cord jacket with black flannel trousers, black tassel loafers, and a black Ottoman silk bowtie.

About the Jacket
from 389 EUR
Style MS0173
Off-white fine cotton corduroy

Get cozy with a lush corduroy in this wintry off-white hue. This luxurious version from Pontoglio is made from cotton stretch corduroy with finer-than-typical ridging (14 wales per inch) and an air finish that leaves a subtle pattern of light and shadow. Ultra-fine yarns in a fine-as-possible weave make this rich winter fabric sophisticated and versatile. Made in a 19th-century mill in the historic village of Pontoglio, Italy.

  • Fabric by Pontoglio
  • 98% Cotton, 2% Elastane
  • > 320 gr
  • Durability index: 2 (out of 5)
  • 3-rolling-on-2 buttons
  • Notch lapel & flap pockets
  • Unconstructed handmade make
  • Extensive, 2 mm from edge pick stitching
About the Shirt
from 149 EUR
Style SHIRT144
White poplin
A white poplin shirting in a dense yet lightweight and wrinkle-resistant fabric featuring a crisp cool feel.
  • Fabric by Thomas Mason
  • 100% Cotton
  • Standard
  • Long sleeves with plain front
  • Semi-cutaway (4 cm) collar
  • Single, ellipse (7 cm) cuff
  • Traditional make
About the Bow tie
from 69 EUR
Style TTUX006
Ottoman black

A strong but softly draped and wrinkle-resistant ribbed Ottoman silk.

  • 100% Silk
Bow tie
  • Folded
  • 7 cm (bowtie)
About the Trousers
from 219 EUR
Style TUXEDO04
Wool-mohair tropical black

A versatile wool-mohair tropical in black. Featuring a four-season weight and a smooth, crisp feel.

  • Fabric by VBC
  • 73% Wool, 27% Mohair
  • Durability index: 4 (out of 5)
  • Flat-front
  • Buckle & strap (brass colour) waistband
  • Button fly with double hook & eye
  • Turn up (3 cm) hem finish
  • Sartorial make
About the Shoes
from 399 EUR
Tassel loafer FIC01
Black fine calf

Chrome-tanned calfskin leather from the Netherlands and France. The leather is washed and buffed by hand before hand-dying, ensuring a naturally marbled finish. A signature of quality, and assurance that each pair of shoes is one of a kind. Our Fine Calf’s closed-grain finish helps ensure a long lifespan and excellent durability. Smooth and soft to the touch, this is the ideal leather for formal shoes.

Formal round
  • Tassel loafer
  • FIC01 black fine calf
  • Good year
  • Leather with rubber grip


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Formal round