Look FW17.029
Bright blue plain weave lambswool
About the look

Wear your bright blue lambswool jacket with, for example, our 'shirt054 white dobby' shirt, our 'TLE427 neapolitan blue soft wool’ tie, a matching 'shirt054 white dobby’ pocket square, our 'MS0033 medium gray faux uni mouliné tweed' trousers and our 'SUE02-01 dark brown suede’ shoes.

About the Jacket
from 389 EUR
Style MJ0029
Bright blue plain weave lambswool
A limited-edition, bright blue, tweedlike texture with a soft, moderately warm feel and a subtly speckled appearance. Made with: lambswool.
  • Fabric by Angelico
  • 100% Wool
  • > 320 gr
  • Durability index: 3 (out of 5)
About the Tie
from 99 EUR
Style TLE427
Neapolitan blue soft wool

Soft, durable wool is the go-to for ties you can wear again and again at a wide range of events. This neapolitan solid versatile middle-of-the-road ties that will work with most of your winter wardrobe.

  • 100% Wool
  • Untipped
  • 7 cm
  • Standard (148 cm)
About the Pocket square
from 69 EUR
Style PSI028
White silk

The twill weave is one of the textile industry’s most versatile, known for its characteristic fine diagonal ribbing. Silk, meanwhile, is the strongest fiber made by nature, and the most widely chosen fabric for ties and pocket squares. It is largely wrinkle-resistant, with a nice, soft drape. Our silk hails exclusively from Como, in Northern Italy, where silkworms nest in the region’s abundant mulberry trees. (Which is why this region has been a silk-production powerhouse since the 15th century.) This is a fabric suitable for casual and formal occasions alike.

Pocket square
  • Hand stitched
About the Shoes
from 399 EUR
Double monk with cap toe SUE02
Dark brown suede

A soft, rich napping on chrome-tanned calfskin leather from Italy effuses warmth and casual luxury. Featuring a unique water-resistant finish, our Formal Suede is specially crafted to withstand the wetter months of the year. Great with casual looks or to add a warmer touch to more formal looks.

Formal round
  • Double monk with cap toe
  • SUE02 dark brown suede
  • Good year
  • Leather with rubber grip


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Pocket square

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